Your visitors deserve more. You deserve more visitors.

We believe users engaged in online shopping should have the same fulfilling experience as in a traditional department store. We have built systems which allow our clients to narrow down on individual users, to understand their likes and target them with personalized recommendations and marketing communication.

Use your intuition. Define your own niche user segments

To help you get started, our algorithms help you pinpoint user clusters. You can create more clusters based on rules which you define. Imagine that you want to run different promotions on sports gear this autumn. Your user clusters could be as diverse as “interested in running shoes”, “bought sports gear in the last 7 days”, “has spent on sports gear in the last 6 months, but hasn’t bought anything in the last month”.

Offer each individual user personalize recommendations

With every click made on your platform, our algorithms learn what users like, and what they buy. With this knowledge we can offer each user personalized products based on what people with similar interests have purchased. You can display these products on the page, pop up, newsletter.

Run marketing campaigns in real time

We broke down technical barriers, so our clients can focus on the creative side of marketing. Setting up, running, and managing marketing campaigns is as easy as child’s play. Imagine that the weather forecast is unexpectedly cold for the next week. You can set up a campaign now to offer free express shipping on autumn jackets, and have it disable itself after 6 days.

Marketing Automation

We take out the hassle of setting up campaigns which you want to run on a regular basis. Users who add products to cart, but don’t complete the transaction within 8 hours, could be targeted with an email or push notification reminding them about their purchases.

And more…

Forget about the technical limitations of the past.

A managed platform and a clear framework for developers means: No Blockers.

The ability to identify and target just the right users means: No Risk

The ability to boot up or spin down campaigns within minutes means … No Excuses