Concierge services at your fingertips

Our tools are flexible enough to be applied to any industry, market or niche. We empower you to prototype and run marketing experiments on clusters of users you consider interesting.

We are young, dynamic team, and we love how apps help us in our daily lives. By using our product, you could make our lives even easier! Here are some ways we’d like you to target us:

Recommend products which I would like

I have a difficult time making up my mind what to order for dinner. You already know what sort of food I’ve been looking at, you could recommend me the “popular” option for the restaurant I’m currently viewing. In our tool you can create a real time cluster of users “who have looked at 3 restaurants, but haven’t ordered anything” and target them in the same way.

Build a user’s habits

For the past 2 evenings I’ve placed an order for a taxi. At 5 pm today, you could send me a push notification asking if I’d like to book a taxi now which would pick me up at 6 pm. You can create a real time cluster of users who have placed the same order 2 days in a row and target them with the product they need.

Help your user get un-stuck

I’ve been clicking on “edit order” 3 times in the last minute, but nothing happens. A pop up asking if I need help, and a contact email would make sigh with relief. This could be a targeting campaign aimed at all users who are repeatedly clicking the same button/link and the application not responding.

Weather Updates? Solve my problem before I know they exists

I’m a guest at a hotel, or attending a conference, and it looks like a heavy rain will start any minute. A push notification informing me about the weather, and availability of umbrellas in the lobby would be a nice, caring touch. This can be an ongoing campaign targeting all users, when certain weather conditions are met. Yes, we integrate real time weather updates in our tool!

and more…

Forget about the technical limitations of the past.

A managed platform and a clear framework for developers means: No Blockers.

The ability to identify and target just the right users means: No Risk

The ability to boot up or spin down campaigns within minutes means … No Excuses