Enrich each user journey with articles and content that matter to the individual

Nobody has time to go through all the information out there

Give individual users more of what they like

Has a user clicked on 2 headlines about startups in Berlin? Our system has learnt about this interest, and next time the user visits your website the home page can be tailored just for them to feature more articles on startups.

Facilitate content discovery for each individual user

We know one of the users is into startups. What other content might be interesting to them? Our algorithms learn what people with similar interests like to read, and tailor a list of recommended articles for this user.

And now they’re hooked

Be smart about the moment when you ask the user to sign up to your newsletter. Play around and test different scenarios.

Re-engaging inactive users is easy

For every user who hasn’t visited the website in the last week, our system can automatically send them an email showing them a personalized list of articles they would enjoy reading. This is all automated for you, so you can focus on doing the real work.